Denise Hug's Holiday Luncheon at Mille Fleurs


Denise Hug held a festive holiday luncheon at Mille Fleurs December 2nd, 2009. What started as 20 or so guests weeks earlier quickly doubled. This was a girl's only lunch, although Denise's husband Bertrand Hug did pop in ... and quite a few gents made it quite clear that they would like to crash this bevy of beauties gathering.

Valerie Cooper with Maggie Bobileff ** Emma Zuckerman

Cocktails, a sit down lunch of parsley soup, Maine Lobster with avocado and papaya salad, and some wicked chocolate mousse did the trick. Chef Martin Woesle reigns supreme once again!

So did the conversation which flowed from topics of Aspen, Australia, to clothing, jewelry, but always back to the subject of Tiger. Lots of opinions on that!

Among the guests were Karian Forsythe, Machel Penn, Maggie Bobileff (she just celebrated a birthday), Susie Robinson, Jen Keslick (she's the girlfriend of one very snagged bachelor), Jane Carrol, Nancy Santoro, Claudia Knorr, Debbie Bello, Kelly Padilla, Adrienne Bello, Valerie Cooper (another birthday girl), Margo Schwab, Tammy Williams, and Emma Zuckerman.

More there included Barbie Spinazolla, Cathy Lynch, Susan Parker, Judy Ferrero (she and husband Lou were the Honorary Chairs for this year's Crystal Ball), Laura Applegate (one of 2009's Best Dressed), Dee Ammon, Ellen Zinn, Linda Swortwood (her husband's company had a big holiday party at Mille Fleurs the night before), Connie McNally, Tamara, Sandy Dorros, Joy Bancroft, Kathy Connor, Joanie Wafer, Karen Hoehn (big supporter of the Timken Museum), Diane Colyear, Nina Smoley, Rhonda Stratka, June Feldman, Annie Malcolm, Dianne Bashor, Connie McCoy, Lucille Lindsey, and of course the hostess herself, Denise Hug!

A great holiday luncheon by 2009 Best Dressed Denise Hug.... all size 2 of her!

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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Jennifer Keslick Bell with Karian Forsyth and Judy Ferrero ** Cathy Connor

Joani Wafer ** A model showing Debbie Bello and Adrienne Bello Martin Katz Jewelry

A Champagne Flute went (the sun is down Denise) down

Dee Ammon with Linda Swortwood Emma Zuckerman with Linda Swortwood

One of the Luncheon Tables

Maggie Bobileff with Denise Hug

Dianne Bashor ** Karian Forsyth with Judy Ferrero

Annie Malcolm with Maggie Bobileff, Denise Hug and Connie McNally

Bertrand Hug giving a squeeze to Nancy Bello

Tammy Williams

Denise Hug with Dee Ammon, Linda Swortwood, Cathy Lynch, Susan Parker,
and Judy Ferrero

Jen Keslick Bell

reported by Margo Schwab

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Denise Hug is pictured here at the entrance of Mille Fleurs Restaurant in Rancho Santa Fe with her wonderful dogs, Sophie and Freddy. Her furry friends are both rescues!

Denise and husband Bertrand are the owners of Mille Fleurs Restaurant in RSF and Bertrand at Mr. A's in downtown San Diego.

The Hug's support many organizations including:


Scripps Spinoff

March of Dimes

Old Globe

Casa de Amparo


Denise looks forward to becoming more involved with animal rescue organizations like

the Helen Woodward Animal Center

The Buzz

Blast From The Past

Here's the Hoff back in the day when Baywatch did a show at a Malibu location with Jenny McCarthy's 'Singled Out' show. Pictured here with Donna D'Errico as well. I dealt with David Hasselhoff on many occasions... he was always polite and knew his lines. He is theatre trained after all.

It was a great day on set.... then I went on to the Jay Leno show... how fun is that!



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