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Genesis Awards 2005 Page 8

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Actresses Linda Blair and Lake Bell all smiles for a beautiful cause.... animals!

To my husband Scott Johnston, a special thanks to you for all of the help with photo equipment, photo-shopping and support to make this event known to many on this site and Life and Fashion Magazine so that worldwide awareness for animals grows!!!.....

The chocolates that awaited us at the Regent Beverly Wilshire after the Genesis Awards!

One tired helper....

That's me, Margo Schwab posing the am after the Genesis Awards at my Grandparents former house at 704 Roxbury. My Grandparents taught me alot about integrity, honesty and giving back. Being kind to people AND animals is the civilized thing to do!

by the way .... I am very proud of both my Grandparents. My Grandmother was loving and my Grandfather was that and more... He put himself on scholarship through Pomona College and Harvard Law School where he was first in class...after O'Mulvaney and Myers law firm time he went on to be City Attorney and then Mayor of Beverly Hills from 29'-33. My Grandfather Paul E. Schwab Sr. organized water separately from L.A. and designated the park along Santa Monica Boulevard. Both of my Grandparents taught me about being kind and giving back to the community. This is one reason why I love charity reporting so much .... Thank you ... may you rest in peace!

Scott Johnston with the incredible duo that introduced me and invited me to the Genesis Awards years back, Erika and Bob Brunson .... photographed here the morning after at Hotel Bel Air.... Erika is an amazing interior designer and animal rights protector....

This is Erika & Bob Brunson with their daughter Kim DeVore years back at the Genesis Awards greeting Pierce Brosnan and his wife Keely Shaye-Smith

Thank you to the Brunsons and Kim DeVore for introducing me to such a worthy and wonderful cause as the Genesis Awards



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