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Genesis Awards 2005 Page 3

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Sofia Vassilieva, 12 year old petite starlet of the feature film Medium and many other productions!

Margaret Loesch of THE HATCHERY LLC and Producer of Benji off The Leash with Benji's "Mom", Kathleen Camp

Superstar Benji with Producer Margaret Loesch, Joe Camp (writer / director of the Benji movies) and his wife Kathlen

Jennifer Fearing, President of the United Animal Nations with Lloyd E. Levine, awesome California Legislature Assemblymember 40th District and Priscilla Gargalis ... all smiles for the gains they have made on behalf of animals.

Emily Minns wearing Roberto Cavalli well with "Zoo Boy", the pet nickname for the incredible and wonderful Honoree Ron Kagan of the Detroit Zoo. The man who had the morals to move elephants from unsafe cold and disease inducing conditions to a sanctuary!!

3 Cheers to Ron Kagan!

James Cromwell, actor of so many hit films including Babe, I, Robot, L.A. Confidential, Deep Impact, and very importantly, a champion for animal rights!

Matt Tolmach of Columbia Pictures with actor James Cromwell.



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