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The 19th Annual Genesis Awards held at the Beverly Hilton March 19th, 2005 flowed seamlessly from dazzling red carpet celebrity entrances, a bubbly cocktail reception, to a very vegan dinner and program and yes for VIP's, another party! All for a very important cause .... animals!

Gretchen Wyler, the Genesis Award's vivacious conceptual creator and once again this year's Chairperson, orchestrated a fun yet poignant evening highlighting animal concerned media. A cause that Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) salutes along with his many co-workers. HSUS's Fund for Animals, and newly created Animal Protection Litigation section are pro-active to diminish and dissolve in particular 1 - factory farming, 2 - animal fighting, 3 - the fur trade, and 4 - canned sport hunts.

First grand applause for the evening's honoree Ron Kagan, Director of the Detroit Zoo. Ron made the tough decision in an economy driven world to remove the Zoo's elephants, a main draw to the Zoo, to a sanctuary. The reason? The elephants whose survival necessitates fresh air, were not only suffering in the cold Winters, they were also suffering the effects of disease attributed to those conditions. So 3 cheers to Ron Kagan for putting animal welfare first!

More applause goes to:

The Feature Film Two Brothers by Universal Pictures. The movie depicts vividly why "wild" animals should remain in the wild and not captivity. Produced, Directed and Co-Written by Jean Jacques Annaud, Produced by Jake Eberts and Co-Written by Alain Godard.

The Documentary Film The Corporation by Big Media Corporation. Poignant documentary depicting corporate greed's focus on monetary gain via animal testing and animal abuse. Mark Achbar Director/Producer, Jennifer Abbott Director/Editor, Joel Bakan Writer/Co-Creator, Bart Simpson Producer, and Zietgeist Films USA Distributor.

Family Feature Film goes to Benji: Off The Leash. This story by Mulberry Square Productions focuses on the abuse of backyard breeding and the link between domestic and animal abuse. Joe Camp Writer/Producer, Margaret Loesch Producer, Jim Ritchie Excutive Producer, Sherman Muths Jr. Executive Producer, Sherman Muths III Executive Producer, Roy C. Williams Executive Producer, Jack & Phoebe Lewis Executive Producers and Benji The Star!

Sid Caesar Comedy Award goes to ABC's 8 Simple Rules - Finale-Part Deux. A leaping light comedy pointing out the reality of frog dissection. James Widdoes, Tom Shadyac, Michael Bostick, Tracy Gamble Executive Producers, Gayle Abrams, Seth Kurland, Ric Swarzlander, Martin Weiss Co-Executive Producers, Bonnie Kallman Producer, Alan Padula Producer, Bill Daly Bill Callahan Writers, Bill Daly, Paul Giancarelli, David DiPietro Co-Producers, James Widdoes Director.

Dramatic Series goes to Showtimes Huff-Is She Dead". Depicts the insensitivity shown by a grandmother in this case towards her grandson's concerns about slaughtering methods. Produced by Sony Pictures Television, Bob Lowry Co-Executive Producer, Hank Azaria, Nancy Sanders, Lori-Etta Taub Producers, Daugherty Chase, David Maples, Mark Richard Co-Producers, Bob Lowry Writer, Scott Winant Director.

For the TV Newsmagazine category Dateline NBC won accolades for Out to Pasture. Alerting viewers to the ongoing suffering of horses used in the production of the drup Premarin. The unfortunate side effect to the story was less horse demand for the drug and now horses are diverted to slaughterhouses. David Corvo Executive Producer, Keith Morrison Correspondent, Christian Martin Producer and Stone Phillips host.

World News Tonight with Peter Jennings' Animal Cruelty for National News Feature. For in-depth reporting on pre-slaughter abuse of chickens by the Pilgrim's Pride chicken factory. Footage included live chickens being slammed against walls and worse. Jon Banner Executive Producer, Ned Potter Correspondent, Peter Jennings Anchor and Managing Editor, Deanna Lee Senior Producer, Diane Mendez Producer for New York, Diane Boozer, Clayton Sandell and Toni Wilson Producers in D.C., and Sarah Josephson Editor.

Disney Channel's That's So Raven - A Goat's Tale for Children's Programming. Realization that stealing another school's mascot is stealing a live living thing, not an object. Michael Poryes and Susan Sherman Creators, Sean McNamara and David Brookwell Executive Producers, Dennis Rinsler and Marc Warren Executive Producers, Patty Gary-Cox Producer, Ed Evans Writer and Debbie Allen Director.

Animal Planet/Discovery Channel's Cable Documentary Papa Bear. A look at black bears rehabilitated by a naturalist only to have reckless hunters shoot one bear. Caroll Fleisher Producer/Writer, Neil Rettig Director, Krysia Carter-Giez Editor, Don Grady Music, Dawn Sinsel Animal Planet Executive Producer, Robert Branch Discovery Channel Executive Producer.

For Cable Newsmagazine, Real Sports Dog Fears on HBO. The grim doomed reality of the fate of non-winning greyhound dogs in the race world. Ross Greenburg and Rick Bernstein Executive Producers, Kirby Bradley Senior Producer, Andrew Bennett Producer, Bernard Goldberg Correspondent, Jeff Winn Director and Bryant Gumbel Host.

The Montel Williams Show for Syndicated Talk Show. Two issues. By exposing to viewers children abusing animals if unstopped often escalates to harming or killing people. Another subject. The resumption in Canada of brutally clubbing seals to death for fur. Montel Williams Executive Producer and Host, Diane Rappaoport Executive Producer, Heather Smith-Prout Director, Kim Forman-Brechka Producer.

Celebrity Justice for Syndicated Newsmagazine. Multiple stories on animal abuse ranging from the fur trade, diminished wild horse numbers and hunting. Jane Velez-Mitchell and Omar Lugones Correspondents, Harvey Levin and Lisa Hudson Executive Producers, and Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey Senior Executive Producer.

Animal Planet's Animal Cops Houston for Reality Programming. The lengths an American soldier in Iraq goes to take home a stray puppy. Andrea Cornes Executive Producer, Paul Fitzgerald and Ron Trickett Series Producers and Kevin Tao Mohs Animal Planet Executive Producer. By the way, Ratchett the dog is happy and healthy in the U.S. now!

Best Friend Forgotten for National PBS Documentary. Documentary on a dog named Clover and a kitten named Oreo and their life in an overpopulated animal world. Julie Lofton Director/Producer/Writer, David Duchovny Host/ Narrator, Michael Eldridge Creative Consultant, Jan Sutcliffe Editor and Matt Mariano Original Score.

For Local PBS Documentary Out of the Pit, Dog Fighting in Chicago, WTTW in Chicago. The illigal sport of dog fighting which continues to thrive and is inherently linked to other crime activity. Butch Campbell Executive Producer/ Producer/Director / Writer, Sierra Cleveland Executive Producer/Producer/Writer, Lisa Stran Narrator, Julianne Schanda Campbell Project Supervisor.

For Local News Feature KTVU-TV in the Bay Area's Behind the Scenes at Ringling Brothers. An in-depth look at questionable training methods using clubs on circus elephants and in particular the death of one elephant. Leslie Griffith Reporter and Ed Chapuis News Director.

For Local News Series WPMI-TV in Mobile Alabama's Pork and Politics. A 3 part report on forced lawmakers to shut down the illegal sport of hog-dog fighting. Mike Rush Reporter/Writer, Mike Corry and Taylor Hulsey Photographers and Joe Raia News Director.

For Periodical Time Magzine's Saving the Big Cats. A thorough cover story on the real status of big cats, their numbers, their living conditions, throughout the world. Terry McCArthy and Andrea Dorfman Writers, Gideon Mendel Photographer.

For Series of Newspaper Articles the South FLorida Sun-Sentinel's Marine Attractions Below the Surface. The real truth about Marine Parks animal longevity and turnover. Sally Kestin Writer and John Maines Database Specialist.

For Cartoonist Ongoing Commitment Patick McDonnell's Mutts syndicated by King Features. Highlighting animal issues with compassion and insight.

For Brigette Bardot International Carte Blanche of South Africa's Animals and the Law. Insight to the overhaul of animal protection laws in South Africa to prevent ongoing animal cruelty. George Mazarakis Executive Producer of Carte Blanche and Hein Ungerer Producer for Kisambo Television Productions.

For the Doris Day Music Award, Nellie McKay of Sony Music Entertainment for The Dog Song. Witty song about the joys of walking your dog and getting your dog from a shelter. Nellie McKay Singer / Songwriter.

For Student Award Journalist Michael Croland of Carnegie Mellon University. Articles written about critical animal issues that have reached a broad avenue of newspapers.

Congratulations to all and to HSUS for all of its inroads which includes British Parliament banning foxhunting, the Spanish government relooking at bull fighting and California banning the declawing of exotic cats.

God Bless and keep up the great work!




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