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Genesis Awards 2005 Page 6

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Actress Sara Rue joins in!

The nice photographers who worked along side of .... all animal and people approved!

Pam Wimmer of Ambria's Studio with Humane Society Board Member Gene Lorenzo

John and Trudy Hoyt with equally awesome actress and animal lover Betty White and Pam Wimmer .... I remember first meeting Betty White at Tippi Hedren's fabulous Shambala Preserve.


Animal lover singer / songstress Nellie McKay of Columbia Records. Nellie performed her fun and creative song, "The Dog Song" from her "Get Away From Me" ... Nellie is an artist non-pareil ie. formidably fantastic!

Tippi Hedren in red. Tippi is not just the star actress in The Birds, Marnie and many other films. She is not just Melanie Griffith's mother. Tippi is also an incredible 24/7 animal protector taking in/rescuing 70 plus big cats and more at her Shambala preserve

The ladies wearing sponsor Urban Decay's "How Could Anyone" purple bracelts.... ie. Urban Decay doesn't do animal testing on their products .... why does anyone?



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