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Veronica Kay Baker's Diary - The Baby Shower

by The Social Diary Surf and Fashion Columnist Veronica Kay Baker
Column #6 April 24th, 2006

Hi Margo,

We missed you but I had a really good time. It was a beautiful day. I was
excited all my friends were excited and I got more excited. That night I went
home and I couldn't sleep because I just kept thinking about him and how
cute he was going to be in the blanket that my mom made for him and
reading him the books that my sister gave me. My mind just kept racing,
then I started thinking about the stuff I still need to get, I finally got out of
bed and laid on the couch for awhile. We had a nice day yesterday, except for
the traffic we hit coming back from L.A. where we met his Dad for lunch. I
can't wait to see you and Scott in the commercial! Oh yeah, and Scott got me
a new car. I have four doors now and side air bags, so baby is going to be
safe. Talk to you soon. love, Veronica

VB ** Did you happen to get a couple of photos?? & if you did do you mind
sending a few?? - you are going to be the best / coolest Mommie! **
> Love ** Margo and Scott

Margo - The girls just left for Fiji, so as soon as they get back they are going to give
me a CD with all the pictures on it but here is one of me and my cousin Tricia,
she is due right after me but is having a girl. We thought we would let them
give each other a kiss. love, Veronica

* Veronica Kay Baker is an international surf star, television actress, and television host, in addition to being a favorite face and personality for Roxy / Quiksilver. She also is also the Fashion Editor for the prestigious Newport Beach {714} Magazine. Her regularly featured column is called Essentials.

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