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TKG Consulting Engineers put on the surf style with Ken Richter, Pat Russell, Joe Ross, Jamie Schnick and Legend Mickey Munoz.

Mickey Munoz dug this Jeff Alexander painted >>>>helmet so much that he and his wife came back for second looks. Mickey says he wears a surf helmet for certain rock breaks and for certain drop-ins......all about safety, in this case with a bit of panache!

McCarthy Construction Inc. had a great time surfing with Legend Seve Walden.

Ligand Pharmaceuticals had surfers Tom Lau, Peter Syka (cool guy), Mark Acosta and Legend L.J. Richards. ..... Everytime there is a swell there is L.J. Richards riding it up in Malibu!

<<<< Nancy and Fred Borrelli with a friend. The Borrelli's and their company were the top aloha hosts for the VIP Party the night before with unmatched Catering by Design cuisine and oceanfront ambiance!

Nathan Jernigan with his tattoos and surround smile! Nathan surfed on the winning Waitt Family Foundation Team!
In the middle always, Legend Bill Andrews..... Bill is a surfer, provateur raconteur and all round never dull .... and oh have you seen his surfing photos in the mags?



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