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It was clear at Dana Brown's premiere of "Step Into Liquid", that Dana has translated the thrill of surfing to the big screen.

Step Into Liquid radiates with a brilliant storyline, great cinematography, and a great message... surfing is just fun for anyone, anywhere, anytime!

The frosting on the cake? The evening benefitted the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum!


Dana Brown continues the movie tradition of his father, Bruce Brown of Endless Summer movie fame, but Dana does it with his own unique stamp. Don't miss Step Into Liquid!

A New Visual Production

At the pre-event reception, a young crowd was hard at work getting their "Liquid" shirts autographed by surf stars!
It was the first ever sneak preview of "Step Into Liquid".... "Liquid" is skedded for a blockboster summer 2003!
Surfing cop & actor Scott Johnston!
The very helpful "Step Into Liquid" salesperson with Scott
Margo Schwab getting "Liquid" in a new apres-surf knit hat!

By far the cutest girls on the scene!



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