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Gorge Yourself

by The Social Diary San Dieguito River Park's Columnist Dick Bobertz
Column #2, April 25th, 200

Gorge Yourself

No, I'm not writing about unhealthy indulgence. To the contrary, I'm referring to the healthy and rewarding activity of hiking, horseback-riding or bicycling in "the Gorge." That gorge being the steep sided and rugged canyon below Lake Hodges Dam along Del Dios Highway. If you have ever been intrigued by occasional glimpses into the canyon that you can see while driving along the Del Dios Highway you are now able to indulge yourself by exploring it close up.

(pictured here - San Dieguito River Park volunteers who are on the Trails Committee inspecting the trail before its opening.)

As of mid April, 2006, a 1.5-mile section of trail carved out between Crosby Estates and the San Dieguito River at the lower (western) end of the gorge is now open to the public. The trail was constructed by Crosby Estates and will be turned over to the San Dieguito River Park for management and maintenance. The trail is accessible from a staging area that can be reached by the road that enters the gorge next to the Produce Stand at the bottom of the hill just past Crosby Estates. For the first mile it is an easy level trail that takes you along the river and beautiful riparian habitat over several small bridges and then through a boulder field left by floods of the past. From there, you will get serious exercise because the next half mile negotiates numerous switchbacks as you rise more than 200 feet out of the gorge at the western end. The view will be worth it.

This section of trail is a treat for those looking for new trail experiences but the big payoff will come next summer when another section of trail is finished to link this section to the Lake Hodges trail system 1.5 miles up the gorge to the East. That section of trail will provide access to the most dramatic part of the gorge and establish a 20-mile continuous trail from the gorge to the intersection of State Highway 78 and Bandy Canyon Road in the San Pasqual Valley.

To learn more about the progress being made to create a 55-mile long open space preserve and hiking trail system between the ocean and Volcan Mountain log on to www.sdrp.org

* Dick Bobertz has been the Executive Director of the San Dieguito River Park Joint Powers Authority since 1998. Prior to 1998, he had a diverse career leading government and environmental organizations in Utah, Nevada and California. Most recently he served as City Manager for Gonzales, California and Planning Director for Alpine County, California. www.sdrp.org

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