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June 11th, 2006
The Social Diary Columnist & Photographer Margo Schwab

As a wife of a police officer, Scott Johnston, I am truly wary and weary of the understaffing.

My husband began his career 28 ½ years ago. He was awarded the first Purple Heart for rescuing two officers downed by gang members in Logan Heights. He was shot through the leg. The second shot misfired at his head.

The gang member who shot my husband got 22 months after pleading he was an important part to raising his 10 children. The gang he belongs to is associated with drugs.

Sometimes it seems judges handing down weak sentences contribute to the problem. My husband continues to focus on helping people. But it is truly a concern for him, and fellow officers, when they have to go to a call without the mandated backup – because there is no backup.

Why should my husband, or any officer, be in jeopardy when standard procedure dictates backup for basic safety reasons? And why should some stay? The pay is low here. It's 30 percent higher in Orange County and other places for the same job.

Mayor Jerry Sanders apparently believes public safety has not been jeopardized ... so why is less than standard deemed acceptable?

La Jolla

* Margo Schwab has produced, written, interviewed and photographed for various media organizations since 1989. Schwab has an college degree from Scripps College and a Masters of Business degree from the University of San Diego. Schwab volunteers for numerous charity organizations. She also continues to lobby for water safety and for family violence mitigation. Schwab is the owner and publisher of the Social Diary.

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