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Travel the Crystal Cruise Way - Easter Island to Bora Bora!

by the Social Diary Health Expert Columnist Ruth S. Jacobowitz
Column #7, March 15th, 2006

(editor's note - travel is good for your health too - read about Ruth's recent trip)

What an amazing trip! Oh my goodness. This Crystal Cruise was so fabulous.
Easter Island was fascinating and we took a million photos, even one of me
hugging a very large and tall monolith. There are about 900 monoliths
scattered throughout the island all made of lava rock. About 4,000 people do
live on Easter Island.

Then we sailed onto Pitcairn Island which was also
like walking back in history. There are 61 inhabitants, all descendants of
the mutineers from the HMS Bounty. The water is very rough so we did not go
ashore---no one did but a couple of the ship's officers-but the inhabitants
came aboard and had a craft fair and sale, had lunch aboard, and then sang
for us before they left. The came and went in longboats. I talked at length
to one young barefoot man, age 25, who told me he had been born on Pitcairn
Island and then his family had moved to England. A couple of years ago they
all moved back and he plans to live his life there although he may have to
leave briefly to as he put it "find a wife" and bring her back. They do have
electricity he told me, no television, but they do have free internet and
DVD's---no movie theatres. The mayor come from the UK and changes each year.
What a strange forlorn isolated place. Almost no lowland, a mountain in the
middle and located near nothing. There is no physician, so if anyone is sick
they radio the nearest ship to come pick up the sick person and get him to
the nearest site of medical care, usually New Zealand.

After several more days at sea we arrived in Bora Bora, so beautiful I could
move there if all my kids would as well. Then to Raitea and finally to
Papeete. Those islands are all so magnificent and the water is so many
beautiful shades of blue that it is indescribable. We flew home from
Papeete, 7 hours and 20 minutes to LA, not bad at all. We got home on
Thursday. That's the shorthand version of the news from here.

* Ruth S. Jacobowitz is a health advocate, lecturer, and the author of five consumer health books. Her newest book is Final Acts—a novel. Visit Ruth at her web site www.ruthjacobowitz.com .

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