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Discovering Farrah Fawcett

by the Social Diary Columnist David Mirisch
Column #2, January 15th, 2006

At one time the biggest selling poster in America was that of Farrah Fawcett, formerly of the television series "Charlie's Angels." Well, yours truly, had the pleasure of "discovering" this lovely lady. I am continually asked how it happened so here is how it did.

It was 1968 and at that time I was doing publicity for some of Hollywood's most attractive actresses: Raquel Welch, Lynda Carter, Lindsay Wagner, Barbara Eden and Barbara Parkins. Somehow, the University of Texas found out about me and asked me to be a judge for their "Ten Most Beautiful" girls on campus beauty contest. They sent me a picture of all of the contestants and there was just something that stood out even at that time about Farrah. So, I said, "she's my choice."

Shortly after that I contacted the school and said that I wanted to talk to her parents about coming to Hollywood. Well, it took over a year before her parents were convinced to give it a try. Her mother drove out with her and I checked her into the old Hollywood Studio Club, a residence for women interested in acting and other creative careers. When it finally closed its doors over 10,000 would-be actresses called it their first home in Los Angeles. In the very beginning I had her made Queen of The Boat Show and The Los Angeles Professional Tennis Championships where her picture appeared in the local newspapers. The next step was to get her an agent. In the building I was located in on Sunset Boulevard was an agency known at that time as IFA. One of the agents, Dick Clayton, was a good friend of mine. I brought Farrah to his office and he was captured by her beauty and freshness just as I had been. Dick took her to Screen Gems Television and they immediately put her under contract. She did bit parts but I booked her on promotional things like "The Dating Game." Dick also represented the actor Lee Majors and that is how that relationship began.

Unfortunately, I only had a year in handling Farrah as on August 18, 1969 I received a letter from a lawyer "thanking" me for what I had done for Farrah but they were ceasing my arrangements with her. Instead of causing a problem I let it go and it was quite a few years latter that her career really took off. I have no regrets as I was able to take a beautiful young girl from Texas and be the one responsible for getting her career started.

* David Mirisch - David Mirisch is a Celebrity Producer (David Mirisch Enterprises) for numerous charitable events. Part of a remarkable Hollywood lineage, Mirisch's family produced "Some Like it Hot,""The Pink Panther Series" and more, for a total of 72 motion pictures, and 24 Academy Awards. Mirisch also discovered Farrah Fawcett. Mirisch's celebrity knowledge is personable and unique. You can reach Mirisch at:


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