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Save Venice - Carnevale 2006 Part I

by The Social Diary Guest Entertainment Columnist Kim Devore

Save Venice Part II........ Save Venice Part III

(editor's note - Kim Devore offers us a three part photo diary of the 2006 Save Venice festivities, please find her full column on Malibu Times link below last photo)

Venice, that glittering gem on the Adriatic. With its opulent palaces and forgotten passageways, it is the most magical of places. But as enchanting as the lagoon city is all year long, it is especially bewitching during the dreamy and mysterious days of Carnevale. So when the city's big benefactor, Save Venice decided to put on a lavish four-day fundraising extravaganza.........

Kim's article continued by link below last photo)

The beauty of Venice

Barry Glaser and Kim Devore in regal splendor

Actor Michael York and guests

Save Venice Part II........ Save Venice Part III

for complete Save Venice article please click the following link below>


* Kim Devore is an Emmy-award winning television producer who has written and directed hundreds of hours of news and entertainment programs for Disney, MGM and Discovery. As a news anchor in major cities including Los Angeles and San Diego, she has covered events in Russia, China, Europe and Japan.
Kim and her husband, Barry Glaser, live in Malibu. She has been the entertainment columnist for the Malibu Times since 1997 and for the past 16 years has been a member of Save Venice which works to restore and preserve priceless works of art and architecture in Venice, Italy.


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