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The Older, The Better!

by The Social Diary Financial Columnist Judith Johnson

I am a grandmother twice over, with a two year old granddaughter and a four year old grandson. Somehow I cringe at being called a grandmother, and then I think, it is positively "grand!" Obviously I do not think of myself the same as my grandmother's generation or even as my own mother's generation. This new upcoming generation of grandmothers has attitude. We don't act "old." We're different! We're "out there" -- we matter in this world.

Some of us at the cutting edge of "baby boomers" are, indeed, making powerful changes in society. Many women have earned money, and have given or are giving back to society by volunteering, taking good care of themselves, staying healthy, learning more, and even making shrewd investments.

This optimistic, fast paced, affluent baby boomer woman has the merchants and marketers scrambling for her attention. Ken Dychtwald, founder of Age Wave, advises corporations about products and services for maturing adults, and has co-authored The Power Years: A User's Guide to the Rest of Your Life. He says the boomer generation stands apart because of women's higher educational levels, experiences in the workplace, extent of travel, self-empowerment, and affluence.

Not only have boomer women made more of their own money, but dollars are being transferred to them in staggering amounts -- anywhere from $12 trillion to $20 trillion will be bequeathed to them by inheritance over the next twenty years. The boomer woman already makes many family purchase decisions, and will be playing a major role in deciding which long-term financial plan will work for her family.

The affluent boomer woman wants to feel good, look good, be modern, stylish, and sexy. She is the "fountain of health" by exercising and eating well. And she has a good chance to live to be 100. Amen! Awomen!

Excerpts taken from "Woman of the Year," Town & Country, January, 2006

* Judith M. Johnson is the Chief Financial Officer and Operations Officer for LA JOLLA INSTITUTE FOR WEALTH MANAGEMENT. Johnson has a BS, Education/Psychology, Miami University of Ohio.She can be reached at judithjohnson







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