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Globe and Anchor Salute 2008

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

- Edmund Burke


The Globe and Anchor Salute 2008 got started perfectly on time and with the perfect 'Ooh Rah' spirit September 13th, 2008. First it was the VIP reception in Papa Doug Manchester's private suite at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel in downtown San Diego. And quite nice it was with sweeping views, lovely decor and exact service.

And exactly red seemed to be the color of choice for the evening's leading ladies. Honoree Sally B. Thornton chose a red sequined number from Amen Wardy in Beverly Hills. Co-Chair Phyliss Parrish went for strapless red gown. And Chairperson Jeannette Maxwell chose a red Valentino gown from Beverly Hills. It was lined with Zebra Stripes!


Chairwoman Jeannette Maxwell

Speaking of stripes. There were a lot of sharp looking Marines wearing their stripes. From relative newbies to Generals. All supporting The Marine Corps Recruit Depot Museum Historical Society, the event's beneficiary. Among the be-medaled and striped military involved were Col. Victor E. Bianchini, USMC (Ret.), Col. Jim Guerin, USMC (Ret.), Lt. Col. John C. Marshall, USMC (Ret.), Lt.Col. Tony Anthony, USMC (Ret.), and Col. Ken Myers, USMC, (Ret.).

Saluting these and others were Major and Mrs. David Stanley, Col. John Kaheny, Jesse Knight and Joye Blount, James Kivsardai, Captain Robert Neal, Ted Owens, Mr. Joseph Pes, representatives from TriWest Healthcare Alliance, and one very pro Marine filmmaker by the name of James Cameron.

James Cameron may not have been a Marine himself, but in his films he gives them the 'Titanic' respect Marines deserve. And humble he was as he accepted applause. James joked that his brother came back from the Persian Gulf War with no injuries, but James injured himself with a blank gun on set years back. Lots of laughter.

Others being applauded were Papa Doug Manchester and Sally B. Thornton. Sally wistfully recalled the excitement of seeing the Marine Recruiting Depot as a child.

As the evening progressed, more applause went to Chair Jeannette Maxwell and Co-Chair Phyliss Parrish for their terrific work to make this important event happen.


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Please enjoy the photos

all photos and content are the strict copyright of

photos are available for purchase


John Parrish with his wife, the Event Co-Chair Phyliss Parrish

Mary Walker ** Hero ** Jeannette Maxwell with Denise Lara

Honoree Sally B. Thornton

Wanda Kaufman ** Mary Johnson with Olivia ** Cindy Goodman

Victor Hasson with Mary Walker and Cristull Hasson

Guests ** James Cameron

James Cameron with Guests

Denise Lara with Steve Thornton ** Ed Sturgeon ** James Cameron

The Ed Sturgeon's ** Guests

James Cameron and Guests

Guest and Scott Johnston

A Silent Auction Prize

Military and Police Heroes

Reinette and Marvin Levine ** Jesse Knight and Joye Blount


Military Guests ** Former Lt. John Culea and the evening's Emcee ** Military Guest

The Superb Manchester Hyatt Dinner


James Cameron

James Cameron being honored and thanked for his presentation of Marines in film

Young Marines ** Scott Johnston with one of the prizes, a gift from Jesse Knight

Marine Band San Diego!


reported by Margo Schwab in a Ralph Lauren 'military' style jacket. OOH RAH!


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