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Country Friends & Couture 2008

'Pucci, Prada, Glam and Gucci .... South Coast Plaza's

The Art of Fashion Show Plus Sally B. Thornton's Chic Private Luncheon'


September 18th, 2008 Country Friends hosted 'The Art of Fashion' at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. The day featured boutique shopping, lunch on the lawn, a fashion show by South Coast Plaza, and more boutique shopping mixed with Falkner Wine sipping.

A day of fashionable fun, all to benefit Country Friends designate beneficiary, The Burn Institute.

(column continued after fashion show photos)


And for some the day was even more fashionably fun. The very lucky got luncheon reservations at Mille Fleurs. Among those there were Sally B. Thornton with two dozen or so of her invited luncheon guests. Rather the chic party within a party. Among Sally's guests were Denise Hug, Valerie Cooper in Alexander McQueen, Jeanne Jones in Pucci, Judy White, Rana Sampson, Margo Schwab, Collette Stefanko, Barbara McColl, Doreen Schonbrun, Mary Walker, Carol Karlovich, Ofelia Alksne, and Leonard Simpson.

Lucky Leonard. He was the stylish token guy of the mix.

For Sally's friends, lunch was French and perfect. Thornton Winery's best was served. Creamy yam soup was the starter followed by one of Chef de Cuisine Martin Woesle's signature dishes, Maine lobster salad with papaya and avocado. Dessert was berries with decadent acroutements.,

Then it was on with the show!


The day's fun can be attributed to quite a few dynamic sorts including Chair Jane Butcher, Co-Chair Deej Ledterman, Art of Lunch Chairs Catherine Morley, Susan Pituch and Kathy Robinson, Country Friends President Jan Fitzpatrick, Apres Affaire Chari Marci Cavanaugh, and Boutique Chairs Judy Burer and Alli Beal

Sally B. Thornton with Mille Fleurs' Bertrand Hug

Carol Karlovich ** Jeanne Jones ** Collette Stefanko

Denise Hug and Valerie Cooper

Julien Hug with his sister, oops mother, Denise Hug ** Rana Sampson ** Collette Stefanko with Jeanne Jones and Rana Sampson

Barbara McColl with Mary Walker ** Denise Hug with Leonard Simpson ** Chef Martin Woesle of Mille Fleurs

The Signature Mille Fleurs Maine Lobster Salad

Super 'Country Friends,' Andrea Muir with Edilma Chan and Gina Muir



To learn more about Country Friends and their fundraising events, ways to volunteer, and how to donate, please click on: COUNTRY FRIENDS


reported by Margo Schwab in a hand painted Jordan Art Couture, pictured here with Julien Hug of Mille Fleurs Restaurant in Rancho Santa Fe. A special thank you to Sally B. Thornton for having me as her personal guest.


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As Seen in the July Issue of Ranch & Coast Magazine

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