La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club Members' Christmas Party 2009


On December 28th, 2009, La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club held its annual Members Christmas party. And it was 'a not to be missed' event!

Guests entering the club enjoyed festive floral displays and decorations. The tone was eco-smart this year. Catering manager Lisa Douglass, Executive Chef Bernard Guillas, and Chef de Cuisine Brian Freerksen organized a menu of sustainable, and very scrumptious delights. There was Baja Shrimp, Trout Pearls served in Asian Spoons, Organic Butternut Squash Shooters, and Lock Duarte Organic Salmon Skewer with Ginger Soy Sauce. All served up with a plentitude of fun drinks like the champagne by Antech Blanquette de Limoux, which is sustainable. So too was the TRU Organic Vodka. TRU is partnered with the Sustainable Harvest International which plants new trees in tropical zones.

Royce and John Campbell ** Candace Gibbs with Cynthia Delgado and Natasha Reiss

Among the party guests there were Jill and Joe Cutri, Elizabeth and Peter Gotfredson, Tiffany and Shawn Worst, Crystal and Mike Scafati, they are just back from the East Coast, Karen and Will Speidel, Robert Kellogg, Gina and Hans Speidel, Margrit Boucher and her son Saxon Boucher, he's a world class surfer, Leslie and Ron Mayo, Lee Clark and Jerry Pikolysky, Sally and Dennis Bucko, and Cathleen and Colin Haggerty.

Some of the fashion highlights. Cathleen Haggerty wore an intricate ensemble, Susan Ulevitch tastefully adorned her suit with a beautiful pearl brooch, Cynthia Delgado and Natasha Reiss chose cocktail dresses, Candace Gibbs was well suited in a black jacket trimmed in fur, and Michelle Guernee wore Christmas plaid!

One couple greatly missed this year was Trisha Kellogg and her husband Bill Kellogg. Bill is President of the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club. Nothing would make them miss this event, but the flu did.

There were international and local cheese offerings, sushi, paella, and the very popular crepe station manned by Chef Bernard and resort manager Marco Menzhausen. This is Marco's once a year gig. He is actually culinary trained too!

More guests there included Michelle and Jack Kruger, the Michael Kreiss's, and the James Hagey's. That's James Hagey of the legendary tennis playing Hagey family. Also known more informally by his nickname Chico.

General Manager John Campbell and his wife Royce graciously greeted every guest. The club is known for that welcoming atmosphere..... great cuisine too!

The Social Diary would like to offer special recognition to Lisa Araiza and Beth Carter who work so hard to make sure that this event runs seamlessly! And it did!


Please enjoy the photos.

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Cathleen and Colin Haggerty ** Jerry ( the baseball great and / announcer) and Maggie Coleman

Craig and Mimi Swenson ** John and Kerry Payne

The Chico Hagey's and Michael Kreiss's

Barbara and Joe ** The Bill Bolds

Grace Butler and her son Dion Barca ** Ron and Leslie Mayo

The Shirley and Paul Schwab ** Wendy and Mark Broido

Chef de Cuisine Brian Freerksen ** Mike Furby ** Jerry Pikolysky

Sally and Dennis Bucko


Natasha Reiss and Eric Johnson

Jill Cutri and Nora Feune de Columbi

Ted and Eileen Williams with their daughter ** Cathleen and Colin Haggerty

Natasha Reiss and friends ** Tiffany and Paul Cleary


A great Scotsman! ** Will and Karen Speidel ** Leanne MacDougal with John Campbell and Don Dalessio

Elaine Evans and Don Ehrlich ** Leigh Hyman and her daughter

Alan Little with his mother Mary Little ** Scott and Darcy Smith

Zola and Rod Sornson ** Michael and Sharon Luscomb ** Betty Hagey with her son Rob Hagey

Derelys and David Delano ** Gigi Gentry with her mother Nancy

Executive Chef Bernard Guillas with his team

Candace and Lee Gibbs with Cynthia Delgado ** Mike and Crystal Scafati

Georgette with Betty Hagey and Rob Hagey, Betty's son

Taylor Roy with his father Maurice Roy

Chef de Cuisine Brian Freerksen with Jill and Joe Cutri

Tom and Jill Mullen ** A Floral Display

Cynthia Delgado with Natasha Reiss ** Cathleen and Colin Haggerty

Royce Campbell with Jeanne Larson, Diane, John Campbell and Guest

Margrit Boucher and her son Saxon Boucher ** Joseph and Mary Annino

Bill Allen with Guest

Tom and Elaine Murphy with Friends including Laura Boyer

Susan and Richard Ulevitch

Jen and Michael Spengler with Mary Penrith

Ellen, Mark and Katherine Munoz and Julie Furby

Siblings Bobby and Jamie Kellogg ** Peter and Liz Gotfredson

Pete and Marie Hill with Ted and Michelle Gurnee

Kris Jeffery and Ann Witt

Mary and Hudson Drake with the Walkers

Michelle Guernee ** Gun Mabey and Carol Karlovich

Ruth and Paul Jacobowitz with their daughter Jody Austin

Michelle and Jack Kruger ** Gina and Hans Speidel

Nancy and Fred Borrelli with Diane Szekely ** Tiffany Worst

George and Cathy Hunt ** Ed and Connie Basterache

Susan McClellan with her Mother

Jerry and Eleanor Navarra with Martha and Ed Dennis, and Madeleine and Frank Pavel


reported by Margo Schwab

photoshopping by Scott Johnston

The Buzz

those girls.....

Lilo Miller with designer Jordan and Connie Basterache!!

The Designer Jordan just opened up her chic Salon / Studio in Sorrento Valley. Jordan is not only inviting clients to her workspace, but she has also already hosted private events too. One event to look forward to at Jordan's Salon is on May 20th. Dr. Laurie Marker of the Cheetah Conservation Fund will be hosting a fundraiser for the critically endangered cheetah.

Jordan, as you may or may not know, is famous in San Diego and beyond for her give back stance on animals. All hand painted couture designs by her help contribute to animal welfare. Check out

Jordan Art Couture

& Animal Fashions by Jordan

to learn more.


That 15 year old tenor................ If you have not heard this 15 year old from Australia sing opera, have a listen..... buzz at the recent Dow Diva meeting for the San Diego Opera is that Artistic Director Ian Campbell is already aware of this rare talent!

Have a listen and enjoy!

Restaurant Week in La Jolla!?!.... Should be really high tides at The Marine Room!


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Congratulations to the

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the Jingle Bell Run/ Walk

Was A Success!!..





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