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RITZ 2013... The Beat Goes On .... for Lemurs!

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The San Diego Zoo celebrated its 30th RITZ (aka Rendez Vous In The Zoo) Gala June 15th, 2013 with nearly 900 guests including dignitaries from Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, and Tanzania.

Among the animal conscious there were Co-Chairs JJ Fetter and Margi Fetter Graham with Jane Fetter in absentia, Jeanne and Bill Larsen of The Collector Fine Jewelry, Cuisine advisor David Nelson, Vivianna and Charles Polinsky, Linda and Don Swortwood, Berit and Tom Durler, Sheila and Jeffrey Lipinsky, Sheila and Larry Combe of Bowers Fine Jewelry La Jolla, Pat and Bob Whalen.... and oh so many more.

There was fine fare to be enjoyed from a variety of restaurants for the reception as well as up close and personal animal 411 from Zoo Ambassador Joan Embery and Zoo officials.

Almost as entertaining was the animal inspired attire of guests. Debbie Turner looked fabulous in jungle-y green Jordan, Pamela Hartwell in animal print, Emma Zuckerman elegant in tribal / animal inspired fare by Matthew Williamson, Scottie Brown in her 'Tiger' by Jordan, Melissa Williams in cheetah print, Margo Schwab in her Jordan designed Kima dress, and Cathleen Haggerty whose backless Ranjana Khan gown inspired a 'rrrrrrr' from husband Colin Haggerty.

Late supper by the Sheraton was enjoyed by all... but the final touch to the evening was the Wayne Foster Orchestra that had the dance floor full. Once again the music was generously underwritten by Dianne and Jim Bashor.

Other big support that evening came from Honorary Chairs Audrey Geisel, and Dragon and Don Sherman. These 3 have provided a $1.5 million 3-for-1 challenge grant. More happy news came in that evening too. Ernest Rady will donate $10 million if the Zoo can raise $20 million in the next 25 months for the 2016 Africa exhibit! ...Let's do it for the animals!!

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BFSDZ, Best Friends of San Diego Zoo, Debbie Turner pretty in a Jordan design, and Conrad Prebys!

Sook and Ron Hansen with their 'new friends' ** Scottie Brown in a nostalgic Jordan original that she wore when she chaired the RITZ in 1999 with the theme ZOOt Suits

Cathleen Haggerty looking fabulous in Ranjana Khan with her husband Colin Haggerty

Love at the Zoo... Margo Schwab and Scott in Jordan ** the designer Jordan in Jordan!!

Pamela Hartwell ** The Scene....

Kristi Pieper vibrant in pink ** Lisa Casey and Lise Wilson making a pretty entrance!

Kristi Pieper and JJ Fetter, one of the 3 Co-Chairs ** Debbie Turner and Conrad Prebys

Conrad Prebys and Ernest Rady

Dianne Bashor in Fe Zandi and her husband Jim Bashor ** Diane Bell

Larry and Sheila Combe of Bowers Fine Jewelry ** Bob Stefanko and Melissa Williams

The Girlz, Erika Torri and Zandra Rhodes in Zandra with Margo Schwab with Kima!

Rosemary Pierce ** Sheraton's Best!

Tamara Kinsella and friends

Jo Ann Kilty in Oscar de la Renta and Malgorzata in Malgorzata Couture ** Scott Johnston chatting with Emma Zuckerman

Emma and Leo Zuckerman ** Jeremy Mariage and Bob Eix

Ed and cute Connie Basterache ** Craig and Chris Andrews

John and Sara Hawkins ** Teresa Hixson

Don and Linda Swortwood with Scott Johnston ** Mary Drake

Kelly Dorvillier and her mother

Marina and Rafael Pastor

Leighton Tegland and Place Tegland ** Anne Evans

Torey and Rick Gulley with Annie and Ned Chambers

Robert Laidlaw with Elisabeth Bergan ** Scott Johnston with friends

Peggy Matthews with Fern Murphy

Peggy Matthews the best host with her good friend Ann Drinkwalter

Joyce Gattas greeting friends

Scottie and Stephen Brown ** Joye Blount

Joye Blount and Debbie Turner ** Claire Reiss having a ball!

Darlene Davies ** Co- Chairs JJ Fetter and Margi Fetter Graham

Special Guests including Botswana's Honorary Consul Dianne Neiman, Kenya's Ambassador Elkanah Odembo, South Africa's Consul-General Cyril S. Ndaba, and Tanzania's Ambassdor Lily Munanka .... eee Mzuri Sana!!

Vivianna and Charles Polinski ** Sheila and Larry Combe of Bowers Fine Jewelry

Craig and Rebecca Irving

Above and below, Scott Johnston giving a thank you surprise kiss to Peggy Matthews and the laugh afterwards

Zandra Rhodes with Erika and Fred Torri and Claire Reiss dancing it up!

Zandra Rhodes dancing with Claire Reiss

The Wayne Foster Orchestra

Oh those girls...they are fun, starring Zandra Rhodes and Claire Reiss

Fun at the Zoo - Zandra Rhodes, Claire Reiss, and Margo Schwab (with Kima dress)

The Party danced on!!


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