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Kima The Arthritis Dog Honoree Hosts Party for 2 Legged Friends at Cafe Milano!


April 25th, 2010 things got a little boisterous at Cafe Milano in La Jolla. Kima Schwab-Johnston, the Arthritis Dog Honoree for the Arthritis Foundation San Diego Area Chapter decided to throw a party for her June 5th team walk's supporters and friends.

Among the mix were Jennifer (Jewel Ball Chair 2009!!) and Richard Greenfield, with their super Girl Scout daughter Rachel and her friend Abbey, Elaine Evans and Don Erlich, Shirley and Paul Schwab, they are the grandparents of Kima, Jeanne Jones and Don Breitenberg, and Dawn Celapino. Dawn has the fabulous Leash Your Fitness company that has partnered for the event with Kima.

Guests were invited to 'tie one on,' that's tie 'lets move together' for arthritis research and cures shoelaces.

More there included Andrea Muir from the Arthritis Foundation, Matt Shillingburg, Karen and Dale Miller (Karen is chairing the upcoming USO Gala) Jordan the designer and David Masterjohn, May Zawaideh, Jo Ann Kilty and Vincent Andrunas, Betty Nagleburg, June and Will, and Mary Milton and Jon Stahley.


The Wine Connoisseurs - Richard Greenfield, Scott Johnston and Vincent Andrunas


Mary and Jon are the parents of OZ, a 150 pound Newfoundland. Oz is also a Therapy Dog, A Crisis Response Dog with his mommie, and .... he is the boyfriend of Kima!

Fyi, Kima as a Service Dog is allowed to be in the restaurant.

So far, Kima is the leading the way raising funds for the Arthritis Walk. But it is because of the support of her friends at this event, as well as a few who were unable to attend.

They are Chopper and Charlie Kerr, Lydia and John McNeil, Kristine Grant, Ralph Starkweather, Ed Mracek and Sherarn Wuerfel, Jose Cruz, Pat and Bob Whalen, Susan Shillingburg, Vince Heald (master of PR!) and Clinton Walters (master of design),, Patty Elkus, Dr. Nancy Gold Seid, Valerie and Harry Cooper, John and Judy Haller, Kathryn Murphy and Katherine Schwab Ph.D.

That's Aunt Kathy Schwab to Kima! She's the amazing Greek Professor who is rumored to possibly have meotope drawings on display in the future in San Diego at the Timken. Kathy has drawings on permanent display at the New Acropolis Museum in Athens Greece!

Back to the party!

Kima invited guests to wear denim or animal print, enjoy heavy appetizers, light desserts, and NO SPEECHES!

No speeches was a hit and so was the food by Cafe Milano's Chef and Owner Pasquale.

The menu was as follows:


Kima’s Party Menu

As Dog Honoree for the Arthritis Foundation

Food prepared by Chef /Owner Pasquale


Heavy Appetizers


Mozzarella Caprese

Insalata Di Mare

Carpaccio Arugula

Gnocchi Caprese



Flutes of Lemon Sorbet

Italian Cookies



Pinot Grigio Paggio '03

Brunello di Montalcino Capanna '98

Faux Beer

Bottled Water

Bottled Bubbly Water




The cuisine was a terrific hit, .... so was the Brunello!

Some guests lingered until well past 7..... can we say 9 and a bit.

All was fun with a poignant reminder to stay healthy and try to mitigate or prevent arthritis. Arthritis costs this country billions per year. It affects children, adults and animals.

More about that after the pictures!

Thank you to Pasquale and the terrific Cafe Milano Team including Alfredo, Sandra and A.J.!!

Mille Grazie!!


Don Breitenberg and Vincent Andrunas

Mary Milton and Andrea Muir - Cheers!

Jordan getting loved by Kima ** Vincent helping pour the Chianti!

Mary Milton with Shirley Schwab and Jon Stahley

May Zawaideh with May place card and June's place card

June with Shirley Schwab and May Zawaideh




Cafe Milano Buffet!

Scott Johnston and Richard Greenfield

Paul Schwab, Pasquale and Matt Shillingburg

Jon Stahley and Mary Milton getting love from Kima!

Jeanne Jones with Elaine Evans



Vincent Andrunas and Jo Ann Kilty

Kima with her Mommie Margo Schwab, and friends Andrea Muir and Chef Pasquale!

...a flashback to a photoshoot with Rachel and Jennifer Greenfield and their beloved Rocky!!


Kima says some of the signs to look for are not wanting to go for a walk. Acupuncture, meds and massage have helped many a pet lead a better life.

To learn more about arthritis and to contribute to the walk ($10 is the min), please click on the following logo:


Kima says thank you for your support!


reported by and photoshopped by

the proud parents of Kima,

Margo Schwab and Scott Johnston



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Cat Burglar Plunders Pet Coffers
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The donation boxes that help fund the maintenance of the free Encinitas community dog park, Cricket’s Corner, were broken into.  The theft was discovered this morning by a shelter employee and Rancho Coastal Humane Society is asking the public to report any information they have about this crime. It is estimated that $100.00 was stolen and there will also be expense to repair the donation boxes.  Animal shelters in San Diego have been on-going targets of thieves over the past two years.

“This was a selfish act,” said President Jim Silveira. “It is obvious that the person who committed this crime has no regard for the plight of animals in our community. We rely on the generosity of dog park patrons to help us maintain the park. The person who did this, is not only stealing from our shelter animals, but from everyone in our community.”

It costs RCHS approximately $5,000 annually to operate the dog park, which is a free service to the community.  To report information about this crime please call (760) 753-6413 or to make a donation to the dog park, visit www.rchumanesociety.org










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Vince Heald

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Kathryn Murphy

Katherine Schwab

Lydia McNeil

Susan and Matthew Shillingburg

Patty Elkus

Dr. Nancy Gold Seid

Ed Mracek

Honorary Coaches:

Charlie and Chopper

Jennifer Greenfield and Rachel Greenfield

Claire B. Miller and Freddie B. Miller

May Zawaideh

Pat and Bob Whalen

Jose Cruz

Elaine Evans and Don Erlich

Margo Schwab and Scott Johnston


'The Social Diary is a delight to partner with!

As a result of their contributions to our organization, our 2009 Arthritis Walk event revenue increased by 50%!! I am very much looking forward to our continued partnership.'

- Andrea Muir, Development Director, Arthritis Foundation






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