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Scott Johnston, Margo Schwab and Kima serving up San Diego Social Coverage!

2011 Innovation Night at the La Jolla Playhouse

"Innovation Night is a snapshot of all good things about San Diego - entrepreneurs, world class scientists and Nobel laureates, venture capitalists, and patrons of the Playhouse - coming together to celebrate our community of innovation and enjoy the Broadway-bound production Jesus Christ Superstar!"

- Tom Murphy, Solomon Page Life Sciences

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It was clearly a synergistic evening of science melding with artistic production as the 3rd Annual Innovation Night took place at the La Jolla Playhouse December 7th, 2011 . A multitude of biotech and other hi-tech attendees enjoyed Giuseppe’s Fine Catering, and a superb performance of Broadway bound Jesus Christ Superstar.

Nobel Prize Recipient Carol Greider with Ivor Royston, the co-founder of Biotech in San Diego


Event Founder Ivor Royston had this to say. “The purpose is to foster the importance of integrating art and scientific technology in our lives, something that both Steven Jobs and Jonas Salk believed strongly in. With Innovation Night we bring together the Technology Innovation Community of San Diego with one of the most innovative theatres in the country, The La Jolla Playhouse. Jesus Christ Superstar is a great example of innovative theatre.”

Among the many there were Heather and Jim Skeen Jr. of Lockton, Peter Thomas of Global CONNECT, Sheri Jamieson, Ivor Royston's wife Colette Carson Royston, Rana Sampson and Mayor Jerry Sanders, Tim Scott of Pharmatek, President of CONNECT Camille Saltman and David Saltman, and Carol Greider.

According to the Nobel Prize website, "the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2009 was awarded jointly to Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Carol W. Greider and Jack W. Szostak 'for the discovery of how chromosomes are protected by telomeres and the enzyme telomerase'."

In layman's terms, Carol Greider has made incredible inroads into research on stem cells, aging and certain diseases associated with aging..

Originally from San Diego, Carol Greider works at John Hopkins University where she is the Daniel Nathans Director of Molecular Biology and Genetics.

Carol Greider was amongst peers this night as a multitude of scientists and biotech business related guests, mingled, enjoyed a La Jolla Playhouse hit, in sum, an Innovation evening for the 3rd year!

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Enjoy the Photos!

Nobel Prize Recipient Carol Greider with La Jolla Playhouse Managing Director Michael Rosenberg and Ivor Royston

Scott Johnston tasting a sample of sponsor St. Petersburg Vodka

Debby Buchholz, General Manager of LJP, with Tom Murphy and Tim Scott

Roast Beef being served up by Giuseppe's Fine Catering

Sheila Larsen with Northern Trust and Paul Grayson with Anaphore

Scott Johnston with Jolane Crawford

Salmon perfection being served up by Giuseppe's Fine Catering

Annaliz Silveira with Wes Anson of Consor, and Ron Silveira of Universal Studios

Surfboard pioneer and furniture designer Carl Ekstrom with his wife Denise Ekstrom

Annaliz Silveira and Susan Bailey of Consor

Malin and Roberta Burnham with Brianna and Kris Lichter of IBM



Brianna and Kris Lichter of IBM

Hanaa Hensersky with Sultana Mohammed bin Saleh bin Sultan of Saudia Arabia's Badia for Biotechnology

Lisette Farrell

The Heather and Jim Skeen Family

Sheri Jamieson with Scott Johnston

Rana Sampson with Colette Carson Royston and Sheri Jamieson

Deborah Trimble of La Jolla Playhouse with her husband


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reported and photographed by Margo Schwab

web technical support by Scott Johnston

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The Town Gossip

So I'm thinking why was Jerry Kapstein, big time agent who pioneered free agency, one time President of the San Diego Padres in town....hmmmm could it be something to do with the Moorad ownership deal for the Padres....?


Horrible demise for local La Jolla fixture Alfonso de Bourbon. He was a lot of things, flirt, big talker, etc. but he certainly didn't deserve to be crushed... r.i.p....


Big Sale at Nicole Miller's starting on January 18th!

nicole miller at the forum



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